By: Davies Hood, Induron President 

Back in March, I had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie Chizik, editor in chief at Coatings Pro Magazine at the annual AMPP(Association for Materials Protection & Performance) Conference to discuss Induron Coatings and our “ace-in-the-hole” ceramic epoxy coatings

One of the greatest aspects of annual trade association conferences is the ability to network with influential people in the industry. Sometimes, these networking opportunities occur early in the morning in front of a camera, like this one. Other times, these networking opportunities occur over dinner and drinks that run late into the evening. Regardless of when and where these conversations occur, the sharing of experiences, ideas and having access to industry leaders is truly a valuable component of conferences.

During our chat, we discussed a brief history of Induron as a third-generation family business, a bit about Induron’s business philosophy (stay in your lane, dude), and a brief story about how manufacturing ceramic epoxy coatings is like baking a cake

Earlier, I described our ceramic epoxy technology as Induron’s ace-in-the-hole–meaning that it provides a competitive, or comparative, advantage. It’s that special and unique something that separates our products from others. Essentially, a trait that makes our products less replicable in a sea of replicability. 

What started as a singular product designed to slow corrosion in ductile iron sewer pipes, one of the most corrosive environments in our business, is now the backbone to our entire line of corrosion-resistant epoxies designed specifically for the water and wastewater market. I’m proud of the history of Protecto-401 in the sewer market and our innovative technology that provides user-friendly, corrosion-resistant epoxies for the entire water and wastewater market.

 In closing, I have to say that I truly enjoy these opportunities to share with peers and discuss business and innovation in the coatings market–especially when we can “Keep It Simple” and make it all about a good “application.” Thanks for the chat, Coatings Pro Magazine!