Success Story: Coffeeville Elevated Water Tank 10-Year Inspection

By: Nick Jones, Induron Sales Representative

Tank interiorBack in 2011, Willis Engineering and the town of Coffeeville, Mississippi requested a coatings specification for a 250,000-gallon elevated water tank. This tank had been in service since it was built in 1996 and was in need of renovation. The original material had started to fail at its 15-year mark. 

The Coatings Solution

The interior of the tank was blasted before applying a weld-seam stripe coat and two coats of Induron’s TL-70 Ceramic Epoxy at 13-16 total DFT. As a two-component, high build, high solids, densely cross-linked ceramic modified epoxy, TL-70 brings the 35-year track record of Induron’s ceramic epoxy technology to tank lining projects like these. 

Induron’s ceramic epoxy technology produces an unmatched, extremely low permeability barrier coating formulated for the protection of steel and concrete immersed in potable water and many other environments. TL70 will apply as simply as any typical thin-film tank lining epoxy, but it’s ceramic additives result in dramatically increased film build and higher level of corrosion protection using standard airless spray equipment. 

Ten Years Later

On August 27th of 2021, the mayor of Coffeeville requested a 10-year inspection of this tank. He shared concerns about the asset due to its age and the last time it was renovated. When I got into the tank, I was happy to report how great it looked. It is a testimate to ceramic epoxies in immersion. This tank looked like a time capsule, and the coating system is performing well beyond its expectations. I was able to come down and tell the mayor “ You don’t have to worry about this asset for 10-15 more years!”

The Induron Difference

Asset protection is something said in the coatings industry during presentations and in conversations about material in passing. The difference with Induron is that we really do provide asset protection! This material is going to protect this tank for more than 15 years, which is essentially saving the owner money year after year. Willis Engineering has trusted Induron for years, and this tank is just another example of how Induron’s material and team go above and beyond expectations. 

They say the “proof is in the pudding,” and for this example, I like to say the proof is in the pictures! Coming down from that climb and telling the mayor that he didn’t need to do anything for at least 10 years is such a rewarding experience. 

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