Two-component, high build, high solids, densely cross-linked, ceramic modified epoxy.

TL70 brings the unparalleled 35 year track record of our proprietary Ceramic Epoxy technology to your tank lining project. TL70 is the perfect option for asset owners who are looking for protection beyond that of a traditional thin-film epoxy lining, but who want to avoid the expense associated with 100% solids plural component application. It is a two-component, high build, high solids, densely cross-linked, ceramic modified epoxy. Induron’s Ceramic Epoxy technology produces an unmatched, extremely low permeability barrier coating formulated for the protection of steel and concrete immersed in potable water and many other environments. TL70 will apply as simply as any typical thin-film tank lining epoxy, but its ceramic additives will result in drastically increased film build and higher level of corrosion protection using standard airless spray equipment. TL70 meets the requirements of AWWA D102- 17 ICS-1, and ICS-6 and Complies with U. S. EPA Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) for Volatile Organic Compounds for VOC Emission Standards for industrial maintenance coatings. This product has been certified for cold end use by the Water Quality Association to meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI International Standard 61 for potable water immersion service in tanks 20,000 gallons and greater capacity. TL70 Ceramic Epoxy is NSF approved up to 30 mils DFT, applied in 1 or 2 coats.

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