By: Davies Hood, Induron President and Owner

Back to School Clean UpRecently, Induron had the pleasure of partnering with United Way Hands On to help restore Avondale Elementary School. As a contributing supporter of the United Way and firm believer in the saying “leave it better than you found it,” we jumped at the opportunity to support through a paint donation.

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Avondale Elementary School educates grades Pre-K through 4th grade. Avondale Elementary was in need of some TLC prior to the new school year. When I learned that one of the projects was repainting doors, windows and handrails, I immediately knew I could donate more than elbow grease. We donated 10 gallons of Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel to recoat the school’s doors and handrails. 

As one of Induron’s most versatile and environmentally friendly top coats, Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel is a single component, water borne, chemically resistant, acrylic gloss enamel known for its user-friendly nature. It can be sprayed, brushed and rolled and has excellent dry fall properties when applied correctly. The low stress film and outstanding adhesion make it an ideal coating for top coating a wide range of previously painted surfaces. It has excellent flow and leveling characteristics, long term color and gloss retention. All of these product qualities made it the perfect coating for the school’s doors and handrails. 

“You can see just how bad the doors and handrails were at Avondale,” said David Clark, Community Service Liaison at United Way Hands On. “After cleaning them we were amazed at how well the Induron paint covered the surface. It is the best paint we have ever used!”

At Induron, we truly value giving back to the community and these types of projects are just as important to us as the larger projects. The comments and pictures made this donation even more worthwhile. 

We’d like to thank United Way Hands On and their volunteers for all their hard work getting this project completed. Check out the before and after photos of the project below!