The Highest Quality in Protective Coatings

The Highest Quality in Protective CoatingsProtecting the surfaces in your industrial environment is key to making them last. You probably already knew that, but do you know which type of coating to choose or which supplier to use? Induron is here to help. 

With nearly 75 years in the paint manufacturing industry, we know a thing or two about product innovation and quality.. We believe in Reliable Protection through Innovative Coatings, and quality is at the core of what we do. 

We manufacture the highest quality protective coatings by starting with high quality raw materials, focusing on three industries, and aiming to produce a user-friendly product that contractors actually want to use in the field. 

For instance, rather than having thousands of retail paint stores that serve a variety of industries, Induron is laser-focused on these three industries: 

This market focus enables us to develop, manufacture and sell products with specific goals for each industry and the challenges they face. Our ultimate goal is to make application easy on the contractor in the field even when he is applying to tricky substrates.    

All in all, a high-quality completed project starts with a high-quality product. Contact a sales representative to learn more about why our industrial coatings are the best corrosion inhibitors on the market, and why our motto is “Start with a Good Finish.”


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