The Most Environmentally-Friendly Method for Maintaining Aged Galvanized Steel Structures

By: Kendall Smith, Induron Power Market Manager

Rise IVF, a leading Swedish industrial research institute focusing on materials, processes and production systems within manufacturing and product development areas, recently completed a report titled the “Refurbishment of hot dip galvanized products – environmental impacts in a life cycle perspective.” Rise IVF’s goal was to form a basis for developing optimal maintenance routines for hot-dip galvanized infrastructure objects in the long term, and it turns out the Induron was the most environmentally-friendly method for maintaining aged galvanized steel structures

The report is a fascinating study of life-cycle assessment (performance), environmental impacts, and various methods of refurbishment, including Induron’s market-leading coatings method. Of all the coatings selected for the study, Induron gained special mention for its minimal impact of surface preparation as opposed to other coatings that require extensive (and much more costly) methods, such as abrasive blasting, laser cleaning, etc. 

The environmental impact was also determined based on ozone formation, waste disposal, greenhouse gases and more. Induron’s coatings solution offers significantly lower overall applied costs, best wetting, best surface tolerance, lowest stress on aged coatings (overcoating qualities), very low VOC, and longest lasting results based on proven performance from thousands of jobs.  

The Induron Method: Environmentally-Friendly Extreme Asset Protection

In the “real world,” Induron’s T&D coatings continue to prove effective decade after decade.  In an “energized ” T&D situation where extensive surface preparation is logistically impossible, as well as extremely expensive, the KISS principle still applies. Induron’s approach is simple and very cost effective. If you are coating one structure, cost is important. If you are coating 40,000 structures, cost becomes a huge issue! 

When environmental issues come into play, especially VOC, Induron’s Induraguard 9200 out-shines most other coatings, and is compliant even in the most demanding VOC-control zones. Also, the total impact on the environment is minimal – from the larger reaching “carbon footprint” impact to the absence of abrasives flying around, which requires extensive controls, cleanup, etc.

Induraguard 9200:  A One-Coat Solution for T&D Structures

Induraguard 9200Induraguard 9200 provides cost-effective, long-lasting protection for one of the world’s most important assets: electrical transmission towers and poles. As a high-solids, high-build, single-component, self-priming coating, Induraguard 9200 is extremely surface-tolerant and provides unmatchable wetting. 

The benefits of this product cannot be overstated: Induraguard 9200 provides proven protection, offers the lowest applied cost and streamlined application, and ultimately, extends the useful life of T&D structures. 

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