Induron Website Gets a Facelift

new website screenshotWe know that in this day and age, a company’s website is crucial. We know that many of our customers and prospects may get their very first impression of Induron from our website. And we know that if this first impression isn’t a good one, people are likely to move on without looking around, learning more about us or trying to find out how to get in touch with us.

Because of these reasons and more, we are pleased to announce that we have a new, updated, upgraded and improved website! The look is very clean, simple and easy to navigate, but we have added TONS of new features. Continue reading Induron Website Gets a Facelift

Fighting Graffiti with Indurethane

2015 AG Photo 3 (3)Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Rep

In 2014, I was contacted by an electric utility company in St. Louis, Missouri. They were having problems with their transmission poles being “tagged” (vandalized with graffiti) by local youth.

The project engineer asked if we had a product that would be easy to clean once “tagged.” We have the perfect product, Induron’s Indurethane AG (Anti-Graffiti), a two component high gloss, clear acrylic polyurethane coating enhanced with excellent anti-graffiti properties. Indurethane allows for easy removal of graffiti and extends the color and gloss retention of base coats. Continue reading Fighting Graffiti with Indurethane

Induron Adds InduraPlan for the Transmission & Distribution Industry

t&dWe are happy to announce that we have created an InduraPlan program for customers of the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) industry.

The plan adds the element of time to structures and transmission lines by properly creating an asset preservation plan for these utilities. Through a pre-planning meeting, Induron provides a presentation demonstrating their proven methods used to evaluate the environment based on global and locally accepted standards and specifications ideally suited to the needs of T&D corrosion prevention. Continue reading Induron Adds InduraPlan for the Transmission & Distribution Industry

Why Quality Control Also Means Consistency at Induron

John AnspachBy John Anspach, Technical Director

Many people seem to confuse “quality control” with what is actually “consistency control”. We at Induron work really hard at measuring both consistency and quality to assure that our customers get consistent products that provide the application properties they need and the reliable protection for which they are paying. Continue reading Why Quality Control Also Means Consistency at Induron

Induron Sales Reward Trip, Part II

PR Sailboat smallWe’re still talking about our recent company sales reward trip to Puerto Rico, so here are a few more thoughts from those who attended about what the trip meant to them. See more responses in this blog post.

“I think it reinforced that a small company, committed to doing things the “right” way, can still be successful, profitable and afford its employees such experiences. My little knowledge, or awareness, of such company sponsored trips have always seemed to be reserved for the mega corporations of the world. Continue reading Induron Sales Reward Trip, Part II

Induron Sales Reward Trip, Part I

For all those who were able to attend our fantastic team-building sales reward trip to Puerto Rico, we agree that it was a great experience. But it’s interesting that each of us took something unique from that experience.

Here are some thoughts from a few attendees about what the trip meant to them:

“All sales professionals experience emotional lows and highs, usually daily. When sales goals are not only met but rewarded that goes above being compensated. That’s special. When our team, and our wives, gathered at Gran Melia in Puerto Rico we not only shared ideas and stories, we flew through the jungle on zip lines and swam trough the ocean admiring the beauty of  God’s creations. An additional reward was the sun and warmth of the Caribbean when it was below freezing at home. Sweet!” – Linc York, Sales & Service, MO & IL

Continue reading Induron Sales Reward Trip, Part I

Peeling Back the Layers of the Evolving Coatings Industry

By David D. Hood, President, Induron Protective Coatings

I have been a full-time participant in the protective coatings industry since 1969. Your perspective on how long that is depends on when you started in the industry, but my guess is that most would agree that I have been involved a long time.  I have participated in a lot of change in the business and observed even more. Continue reading Peeling Back the Layers of the Evolving Coatings Industry

Look Beneath the Surface

Our awesome operations team

By Davies Hood

“Induron: Look Beneath the Surface.”  That’s our tag-line, but it’s way more than just that. It’s who we are.

Sure, it’s a play on words, because we are in the paint business and paint is used to protect or beautify the surface level.  We also have some competitors who look really good on the surface, but don’t have much substance underneath. Continue reading Look Beneath the Surface

Why Cycle Count Matters and Why We Share Ours

By John Anspach, VP of Operations

You’ve heard us talk about “cycle count.” This number is a tool used to gauge how efficient and consistent we are when making paint.

Each time a batch is made, technicians perform a battery of tests to ensure it matches the formula and meets qualifications for viscosity, solids and flow. If it’s just right the first time, the cycle count is zero. If something is even a tiny bit off, the batch goes back to our technicians and is adjusted. Testing is then repeated until the paint matches the qualifications exactly. Continue reading Why Cycle Count Matters and Why We Share Ours

Before, After and Later


By Linc York, Induron Sales Rep

It was the dog days of the hot summer of ’09. Italgrani flour milling had a concrete elevator structure standing over 200-feet tall, located on the shores of the Mississippi River in south St. Louis, Missouri.

The concrete façade was dirty, chalky and a general eyesore. Ownership wanted to change that image of decay with a coat of paint. When the bidding was complete and the dust settled, Bazan Painting of St. Louis was awarded the project. Their project manager was Kevin White and he certainly had his work cut-out for him. Continue reading Before, After and Later