The Power Poles that should have always been

By Chris Rowell, Induron Sales Rep

Sometimes there are products that have so many advantages, you wonder why they haven’t been around since the dawn of time. Take the iPad, for instance. Or solar calculators. Or The Price is Right.

Like the combination of ductile iron and ceramic epoxy paint coatings for the electrical transmission and distribution industry. Let me explain. Continue reading

Take me to your Leader (in corrosion control)

By Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Rep

Marvin the Martian

Did you ever notice that when the future is portrayed in movies (especially in dystopian sci-fi movies), nothing gets properly maintained? There are no corrosion consultants specifying abrasive blasting, containments, chloride removal, 3-coat coating systems, spray application, etc?

Perhaps in the future there will be limited budgets for all the elements of a successful coatings job that people have come to believe are necessary. However, those elements are not always needed for a great coatings project.

So what would I recommend to a post-Armageddon society to keep rust at bay while keeping inter-galactic costs low? Induron’s Induraguard 9200 and E-Bond! Continue reading

Global Corrosion

By Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Rep

Did you know that corrosion on existing transmission and distribution structures and equipment is a global problem?

That’s one of the many things we learned at the 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Transmission and Distribution Conference in Orlando, May 7-10.

Induron was one of more than 700 vendors there, showcasing products ranging from large station power transformers to line trucks to industrial maintenance paint coatings.

Jeff White, Kendall Smith and I spent most of our time there discussing maintenance painting with people from as far away as China, India, North and South America. We were astounded that the corrosion we deal with and help solve on a day-to-day basis is actually a worldwide problem! We’re proud that Induron has the products and expertise to help our electric utility customers battle their corrosion issues, no matter what corner of the globe they live in.

My Knowledge, Your Knowledge

By Ben Rowland, Induron Sales Rep, Birmingham, AL

As an Induron sales rep, I spend a lot of time honing my knowledge of the industry. Whether I’m attending a continuing education course, getting re-certified in a particular aspect of the industry or working with our Induron chemists to ensure I’m up to date on the latest and greatest products we offer, staying informed on every aspect of the world of coatings is vital to our business… and YOUR success.

I’m not just selling you a product. When you work with Induron, I want to make sure you’re getting the best, most accurate information available to accompany that product. That’s why I stay up to date on new products, new methods of coating, new applications, new industry standards and more. That knowledge helps me better meet my customers’ needs.

When I start a project, I assess the needs of the customer and the specific project. I have to make sure that I’m giving everyone the best information available, and that I’m doing so in a way that has everyone on the same page before a project begins.

When a project gets underway, I make multiple job site visits, answer questions from the owner or engineer, inspect the project, facilitate product orders with the contractor – anything that needs to be done to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Then, during the final inspection, I’m able to certify the finished project, thanks to staying up to date on my certifications through continuing education courses. Continue reading

65 Years: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive VP, Birmingham, AL

Induron celebrates our 65th anniversary this year. I am beyond proud of this incredible professional AND personal landmark.

Reaching the 65-year mark makes me proud personally because of the success of my predecessors. That’s obviously my dad and granddad, but this anniversary is even more a testament to the management team and staff that’s worked here over the years. From the production crew and sales team, to the chemists, warehouse guys and store workers over the years, there’s a lot to be proud of.

  • In 1947, when our country was much smaller in population, there were many more paint manufacturers. Several existed in Alabama, and there were several in every major city in the country. Like many things, there’s been consolidation over the years. Even in my 15 years with Induron, I’ve seen significantly fewer small- to medium-size paint manufacturers nationwide.
  • Induron has stood the test of time because we’ve been flexible enough to adapt our business model to reflect current and changing tastes, but we’ve also consistently run our business with integrity. We treat our customers, employees and suppliers with integrity by doing what we say we’re going to do. We treat everyone with respect, because that’s what we believe in. Continue reading

Good sentiments about being realistic with energy transmission

By Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Rep

Flip a switch and a light goes on, turn up your thermostat and your house gets warm. Magic, right! But how does the energy get from the power plants or oil fields to your home?

Whether it’s a transmission line or a gas and oil pipeline, there’s got to be a way for that energy to reach you – it’s a requirement in today’s world. Sometimes the “old” way that energy is transported, either by pipe lines or power lines, is actually “greener” than the alternative. What do I mean? Conventional means of power transmission actually result in a smaller carbon footprint than shipping, rail and especially trucking. It might seem counterintuitive, but a lot in life is. Continue reading

When Newer Isn’t Better with T&D coatings

By Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Representative

We tend to think that newer is usually better, don’t we? A new car is better than your old lemon, new flowers bloom in the spring and who didn’t like the start of a new school year growing up?

But at Induron, we’ve found that sometimes, what’s tried and true – trumps what’s new.

When coating electrical substation equipment, the tried and true method has always been to use silicone alkyds with a flo-coating method. But lately, some of our clients have questioned this method, wondering if there’s a newer way to coat this equipment. I’m here to tell you how important it is to stick with the method you know in this instance. Continue reading

Duc, Duc, Goose

By Chris Rowell, Induron Sales Representative

Sometimes there are products that have so many advantages, you wonder why they haven’t been around since the dawn of time. Take the iPad, for instance. Or solar calculators. Or The Price is Right.

Like the combination of ductile iron and ceramic epoxy paint coatings for the electrical transmission and distribution industry. Let me explain.

Since Benjamin Franklin famously flew his kite connected to a key with shocking results, man has improved upon electricity and its efficiency in getting from Point A to Point B. And now, Induron is part of a T&D electricity team that is going to save you money AND make your power grid greener.  Continue reading

Induron: Keeping You From Looking like a Dummy

By David Hood, Induron CEO

By David Hood, Induron CEO

Nobody likes to look like an dummy. Especially you.

Now, Induron can’t keep you from looking like an dummy if you install a ceiling fan and forget to cut off the electricity at the breaker box.  Or if you try your wife’s yoga class.  Or if you dress up like the back end of a horse for Halloween.

But we CAN help prevent it if you work with us on a project. Let me explain.

When we say that we’re with you before, during and after a project, we don’t just mean that we’re standing there, hovering over you, watching you work (because that would be strange). We mean that our sales reps want to ensure that the owner of the project is pleased. Continue reading

The Least Technologically Advanced Product We Offer

By Kendall Smith, Induron Power Market Manager

Nowadays, you can’t get used to one gadget before another one comes along that’s better, smaller or cheaper. Technology changes the products we use almost daily, and once you’ve committed to something – say, a laptop or iPod – it’s only a matter of time before what you’ve selected is obsolete.

That’s why Induron’s Induraguard 9200 is my favorite product we sell. Not because it’s technologically advanced, but because it’s technologically UNadvanced! Let me explain… Continue reading