The Magic of Ceramic Epoxies

Ceramic epoxiesThe ceramic spheres that make up part of the pigment package in Induron’s ceramic epoxies pack a lot of power to add “magical” layers of protection for both steel and concrete substrates. Ceramic epoxies are a perfect solution for water, wastewater, and treatment plants. 

When we talk about ceramic epoxy, we are talking about epoxy resin that is fortified with a ceramic pigment. While the ceramic pigments that we use are only part of the pigment package, they are a very important part. 

The ceramic spheres allow us to pack more pigment into a film of paint, which:

  • Reduces permeability. 
  • Increases film build. 
  • Prohibits microbial growth, 

But, the most magical part is that ceramic epoxies provide a surface that has better adhesion than cohesion, which means ceramic epoxies are almost self-healing! With features for microbial resistance, reduced permeability, and “self-healing,” ceramic epoxies are nothing short of phenomenal. 

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