Induron Holiday Traditions 2022December is here, and we’re getting excited for the upcoming holidays! As you know, family is important to us at Induron. While we love our Induron family and spending time together at work during the holidays, we also love hearing about the traditions and memories our team has with their own families. 

Here are a few holiday traditions that newer members of the Induron family have with their families:

“One fun Christmas tradition my family has is attending the early 5 p.m. family service at our church on Christmas Eve for all those with young children. The quirk we all love that’s a part of this service is the “communion” for everyone in attendance – it consists of a small cup of milk and a chocolate chip cookie! Even though my kids are now teenagers, they still want to go to this service to get their milk and cookies. I am happy to keep this tradition going!” -Steve Freed

“Every year, my family goes to my grandmother’s house for Christmas breakfast.” – Kassidy White

Every Christmas Eve, my family gets together, and my brother, sister and I all receive new sets of pajamas. This goes back to when we were kids, though I don’t remember why it started. Probably just something fun to wear while we ‘waited for Santa.’” – Brenton Conner

“I enjoy watching the kids open gifts on Christmas morning. Seeing their eyes light up and their smiles is the best! After gifts, I always make cinnamon rolls for breakfast because it’s their favorite.” -Nelda Drummond

We are blessed to get to spend Christmas with our family. This includes a trip to Paris, Tennessee to visit my wife’s side of the family usually the week before Christmas, and Christmas day with my side. But on Christmas Eve, we spend time with our ‘other family,’ the Tompkin. As much as blood and marriage legally define family, we have what we consider a family that was forged on lifelong friendships that we share with the Tompkins.  I have been friends with them since childhood, and my wife was immediately accepted with open arms when she got to know them. We vacation together, our kids are being raised together, and we rely on one another just like family.  As much as we cherish the time we get to spend with our families during Christmas, we make sure to honor this tradition of spending Christmas Eve with our ‘other family’ playing games, exchanging gifts, and celebrating together.” -Joey Thomas

Wishing you and your family a joyful and blessed holiday season!