Induron Celebrates 66 Years of Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

By: Jeff White, Induron General Manager and Executive Vice President

At Induron, we’ve been around for 74 years. We recently celebrated 66 years of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau Serving Central and South Alabama

The mission of the BBB directly correlates with three of our core values, which are Integrity, Respect and Reliability. We do our best to apply these to our three primary stakeholders: customers, employees, and suppliers. 

It is great to know that we have maintained our good standing with the BBB while living out our core values. And, by the way, the only reason we have only been accredited for 66 of the 74 years is because our local chapter of the BBB has only been around for 66 years. 

We look forward to another 66(or 74) plus years of serving and providing quality coatings in a manner that reflects both our Induron core values and those of the BBB! 


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