Application Instruction: Perma-Clean 100

By: Ben Rowland, Technical Services Director

Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic EpoxyFor more than 10 years, Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic Epoxy has been Induron’s flagship product for lining potable water storage tanks. The product offers proven performance with features such as minimal undercutting, high film build, low permeability and a non-ablative surface. These attributes are delivered through an environmentally-conscious, solvent-free epoxy coating modified with ceramic pigments. 

Within the contractor community, the most talked about quality of Perma-Clean 100 is its user friendliness compared to other 100% solids epoxy products. In this video, we took time to focus on what goes into making it such an easy product to work with. 

For those who have experienced spraying the material, we hope this reminds you of how great it is! And for those of you who haven’t, we encourage you to watch and see what you’ve been missing! 

Contact your Induron Representative for more information regarding Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic Epoxy.

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