Permastic LV Polyurethane

Protect carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete or masonry substrates from chemical exposures, corrosive environments and UV degradation” with “Ultra-low VOC, OTC-II compliant high gloss polyester polyurethane that provides excellent color & gloss retention

Permastic LV Polyurethane is a high-solids, high build, aliphatic polyester polyurethane finish that can successfully be applied direct to metal, over tightly adhered aged coatings or recommended Induron primers and tie coats. Permastic LV Polyurethane is a mastic polyurethane coating designed to provide corrosion protection of steel and properly prepared/primed concrete in moderate to severe environments. The mastic quality of this polyurethane allows it to be applied at up to 5 mils dry film thickness in a single coat. It provides outstanding color and gloss retention for many years. Like Induron’s Permastic Polyurethane, Permastic LV is available in a virtually unlimited color range, in gloss finishes and is a stain resistant coating which performs well in aggressive environments. Additionally, Permastic serves as an ideal intermediate coat for Induron exterior systems featuring PermaGloss LV Fluorourethane.

With Permastic LV, the LV stands for Low VOC. This product has very low volatile organic compounds (less than 100 g/L; 0.8 lb./gal mixed), making this product compliant for Volatile Organic Compounds Emission Standards for industrial maintenance coatings in the most stringent of environmentally regulated areas, such as the Ozone Transmission Commission (OTC Phase I and Phase II) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

When looking for unique solutions to protect carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete or masonry substrates from chemical exposures, corrosive environments and UV degradation, Permastic LV Polyurethane is ideal for use in a variety of markets such as; chemical processing, power, offshore, petrochemical, pulp and paper mills, water/wastewater plants and others.

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Use as the Lox VOC (OTC-II compliant) exterior finish coat for tanks and other exposed steel and non-ferrous substrates. This fluorourethane finish coat provides the benefit of extremely long-term maintenance cycles

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