Perma-Tuff SL

A high performance flooring system for properly prepared concrete floors.

The application of protective coatings to concrete floors has grown to become common practice in industrial and commercial spaces. These high-performance flooring systems provide beautiful aesthetic improvement, while increasing the floor’s cleanability, chemical resistance, visibility, and resistance to staining. PERMA-TUFF SL is a two component, 99% solids, highly cross-linked, self-leveling epoxy floor coating. This coating provides a high gloss, is extremely hard wearing, durable, stain and chemically resistant. Its film thickness can be varied to accommodate a wide range of flooring conditions. It is available in nearly any color and decorative flake can be added to this coating to create a wide range of aesthetic options. By broadcasting aggregate into the coating, texture can be imparted to create an anti-slip surface. When installed without these additives PERMA-TUFF SL will create a beautiful, seamless, high-gloss floor. PERMA-TUFF SL can be paired with PERMA-TUFF WC for use on vertical walls and ceilings as well as Perma-Tuff CRC to add an additional layer of chemically resistant clear coating. PERMA-TUFF SL is commonly used for:

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  • Secondary containment
  • Showroom flooring in commercial space
  • Industrial flooring where ease of cleaning, improved lighting, and resistance to chemical stains is needed
  • Restaurant flooring
  • Airplane hangars
  • Parking facilities
  • Mechanic garages
  • Medical facilities where clean-room protocols are in place

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