Magdalena River Crossing Transmission Towers

About the Project

Induron’s Armorlux Red Primer and International Orange & White Indurasil Gloss Enamel were specified to overcoat three lattice-leg transmission towers that are more than 120-meters tall and provide support for the power lines that cross the Magdalena River.

The Situation

These aged towers on the banks of the Magdalena River needed repainting due to fading of the existing coatings and early stages of corrosion. The location of the transmission towers required that they be significantly taller for frequent river traffic to pass beneath the power lines spanning the width of the river, which is several hundred meters. Plus, because the towers are in an area with heavy maritime traffic, the law required that they be painted in the proper colors and patterns to serve as a visual warning to aerial and river traffic.

The Challenge

Corrosion is very aggressive on the Colombian coast with lots of pollutants from different sources, including agricultural activity and contaminants from marine machines operated nearby. The challenges to execute maintenance on these towers are extreme, such as costly equipment, environmental concerns and weather conditions.

The Solution

The customer noted that employing Induron was “the best option to protect the structure and extend its life so maintenance and/or replacement of affected parts of the tower is not needed as frequently at it has been needed in the past.” Armorlux Red was specified as the primer, and Indurasil white and orange was specified as the finish. Armorlux Primer is a corrosion resistant, single component primer used in the power transmission market because of its user-friendly application properties and proven track record of corrosion protection. Indurasil Gloss Enamel was chosen as a finish because of its wide range of color flexibility (international orange and bright white), outstanding color and gloss retention, and user-friendly application characteristics.

The Results

This customer has been working with Induron products since 2012. Induron products proved effective in some of the most corrosive areas along Peru’s coast, which initiated a coatings contract extending into 2021. “In a little over 2 decades of working with different brands of alkyd coatings, Induron has been on the top of the best performance coatings in our particular case of work,” the customer said. “Our efforts of developing a strong maintenance culture among our clients continues, and Induron is one of our strongest partners. We strongly recommend Induron because of the results obtained in the field.”