CERAMAWRAP Ceramic Epoxy History

CERAMAWRAP Epoxy was developed over a two-year period using ceramic sphere technology similar to Protecto 401. The coating was developed specifically for use in extremely corrosive and/or abrasive environments such as lift stations or sewage wet wells.

The first Ceramawrap project was a small 30" ductile iron exterior coated project in 1996, shipped to Nashville, Tennessee. Another large project example consisted of approximately 16,750' of 350mm ductile iron pipe and small quantities of 100mm, 500mm, and 600mm ductile iron pipe protected on the exterior with Ceramawrap Epoxy. The job was shipped to Charleston, SC and then loaded on a ship, with Egypt as its final destination. The project was begun and completed in 1999. Since then, Ceramawrap has been used in numerous similar applications including saltwater immersion, bridge crossings, and installations in lift stations and sewage wet wells all across the country.

A unique Ceramawrap coating project was on a ductile iron pipe "pipe bursting" application (pipe designed to be pushed inside a smaller diameter cast iron pipe to burst the existing pipe, thus enlarging the pipeline without excavation). Ceramawrap was chosen because of its smoothness and abrasion resistance. The job was shipped to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2000.

Another unique use for Ceramawrap is for the protection of the bases of ductile iron electric utility poles (marketed as "Permasafe for Poles"). The ductile iron poles are coated for ground level protection and buried (and, in some coastal areas, submerged in salt water coral beds). The ductile iron poles have been installed since 2009.

There are many more projects that have been completed between 1996 and the present nationwide. The jobs have covered a wide range of fittings and pipes (sizes from 60" down to 12"). Based on an average of 20 mils thickness, our production records indicate that approximately 920,000 sq. ft. of the exterior of ductile iron pipe has been protected with Ceramawrap Epoxy. Ceramawrap coated pipe have been produced now for over 16 years and the product has been shipped long distances and even overseas with very little shipping damage.

Ceramawrap gives the end user the sure adhesion of epoxy with the added patented feature of ceramic sphere technology. Our technology results in low permeability, excellent chemical and stray electrical current resistance, along with low handling damage.