Worth the Effort to Invest in Infrastructure

By Davies Hood, Induron President

Today is Election Day, and in our politically-charged atmosphere, we always hear a lot about “investing in infrastructure” and “debt reduction.” In years past, people like Benjamin Grumbles of the Clean Water America Alliance has made some suggestions he’s asked those in power to consider.

Although Mr. Grumbles speaks as the president of the Clean Water America Alliance (and when I hear that, I immediately think both “bureaucracy” and “lobbyist”), he writes in favor of such radical ideas as charging customers the true cost of water, promoting public/private partnerships in the water industry and planning both water and wastewater infrastructure projects as part of the larger integrated community planning process. Not too radical when you think about it, right?

These suggestions would provide our nation with a more sustainable water system. It would also require the water and wastewater industry to take a different approach to projects and government relations than they are now.

As a manager I know just how hard it is to promote effective change. But when it comes to one of the most vital components of life – clean water – isn’t it worth a little hard work and change?

How do you think you could start implementing some of these ideas into your planning processes in your organization or city?

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