Who is Induron?

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Technical Services Director

To familiarize our customers and the general industry with who Induron really is, we produced a series of videos. In a world dominated by the international, corporate paint manufacturers, most people believe companies like ours don’t exist anymore. 

Unlike much larger companies, where the measuring stick of success is solely a quarterly report, we view the culture of our company and the satisfaction of our customers as the real goal. As part of that culture, we place a high priority on true relationship selling. We want to create long-term partners, not simply a sales outlet. 

We strive to convey our customer-focused company culture through print ads and traditional marketing avenues. While we’re proud of the marketing materials we have produced throughout the years, we also understand that these can be viewed simply as our over-inflated, personal opinion of the company we love and work for. In an industry where we are usually involved with public, highly-visible and costly projects, it’s important to carry the endorsement of your customers and partners. 

For these videos, we enlisted the help of one of my childhood friends, Brack Bradley of Brackyard Films, to help put together the message we hoped to share. We felt the best way to show this was to have everyone see and hear it directly from our partners. We didn’t want to use any contrived sets, so we approached our partners where they were most comfortable: In their offices and at their job sites. I feel it’s important to note, when we approached the participants to shoot these spots for us, they could not have been more accommodating. With no incentive to be had, they obliged our every request.  

The end result is an exceptionally great video that helps us, and our customers, tell you exactly who Induron is. Without further ado, check out the first video of this series: 


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