What Cycle Count Says About Teamwork

By John Anspach, VP of Operations

Last week, I spoke about the importance of cycle count in terms of efficiency.  Our numbers are consistently low, and that’s something we are especially proud of around here.

The final numbers are in, and I can say that annually, our cycle count has been at .25 or less since 2007. That’s 5 years running. So how did we get and keep our numbers so low?

I can sum it up in one word: communication.

Our paint is made great by three teams: Paint Makers in our production department, the technical folks in the lab and quality control. Internally, these departments have a genuine respect for each other’s work. They have trusted relationships that allow for feedback.

If the Paint Makers in production see something that doesn’t look right, they are willing to step up and say something to the formulator. There’s also an interface between the formulator and the quality control tech. He’s watching the data and can quickly identify trends and make recommendations for change. The dialogue speeds the process and continues to drive the cycle count down.

While we are especially pleased with our team and their consistently low cycle count, that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. There are new products being developed and produced all the time. With new formulas comes a higher possibility for adjustment needs.

For us, communication is the catalyst for being proactive, no matter how long we’ve making a particular formula. We watch trends early and make adjustments so cycle count doesn’t get away from us. We’ve saved countless hours by getting it right the first time. More importantly, our customers get reliable coatings because of our consistency.

Founded in 1947, Induron manufactures high performance coatings that serve a range of industrial applications, including the wastewater, electrical transmission and distribution, and groundwater storage industries. Induron is the maker of Protecto 401TM, the leading ceramic epoxy pipe lining for the wastewater industry. Learn more about us at www.Induron.com.  

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