Wearing Many Hats in a Small Business

By Allison Searcy, Induron Sales Support

Working for a small, family-owned company like Induron means that I wear many hats. I began working at Induron four years ago in sales support, but since then, my duties have grown to include all kinds of things – from invoicing and accounting, to purchasing the raw materials used in our products.

It’s different every day – I never know what the day will bring.

That’s the key to working for a small company – flexibility. You have to be flexible and be willing to take on any number of tasks that “aren’t your job.” It’s very different from the large company I came from. At Induron, everyone does what they need to do, and when there’s a problem, we all pitch in to get it solved quickly. Many times at larger companies, you find that each person – or department – functions as an island. But not here.

Induron’s 14 sales reps definitely keep me on my toes. They count on me to invoice their clients, get them catalogs or other printed materials or even help them troubleshoot their computer woes. We’re all a team, and it’s a great environment in which to work.

Working for a company like Induron is especially great, since I’m a wife and mom of two. There’s a family atmosphere here, and everyone is flexible if I need to attend a school function or sporting event. Davies is a fantastic boss, and keeps things interesting around the office! Additionally, he plans events (like our recent Birmingham Barons night at the Hoover Met) to build employee camaraderie. It makes for a great work environment.

All-in-all, I love working for Induron, being part of a team and wearing all these different hats. You might not think working for an industrial paint manufacturing company would be much fun, but you’d be wrong!

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