We ‘Spec It’s Time to Save Some Money

By Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

You’ve got a project. You’re creating a specification. Induron wants to be part of that spec, and we’ll almost always save you or your client money and make your project easier.

It’s that simple.

At Induron, we do more than just manufacture protective coatings. We are dead serious about building relationships (our boss Davies wrote about this in a previous blog post) that can turn into real, tangible savings for you and your client. So, how can a spec save you money or even make your project easier?

Basically, I genuinely care about your project. I care about the details and how Induron’s products can help you in ways you might not have even known about. I ask LOTS of questions – all of our Induron reps do. We’re seasoned professionals who know our products inside and out. And that benefits you for two main reasons:

1. It gives you confidence in Induron’s products and services. When you include us in a spec, you know you’ll be getting the best product and even better customer service – we’ll see you through to completion, and even after the job’s done.

2. It saves you money, especially when we can recommend an Induron ceramic modified epoxy that can be applied in one coat, saving labor dollars. Additionally, our products last, which means you will save maintenance dollars and downtime, since you will have to reapply much less frequently. That translates into money in your client’s pocket.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Recently, we had a project in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I had formed a relationship with an engineering firm there, and had an appointment to talk to my contact about new projects they’re working on. The most recent was a roughing filter for the Cedar Rapids wastewater treatment plant. We discussed the project at length, and I learned that the existing concrete needed to be painted, as well as a new aluminum dome structure that would be brought to the jobsite.

This client wanted a coating system that could be guaranteed for five years on both structures, and it also had to be resistant to hydrogen sulfide (which as you probably know is highly corrosive.)

I knew right away, based on this criteria, that the best product for the job would be Ceramasafe 90 Ceramic Epoxy. This high build, ceramic modified epoxy can be spray applied in one coat, saving time and labor cost, and will provide outstanding service. This allowed me to give the client the best product at an excellent value. The project has been completed and the owner is very happy.

The bottom line is that working with Induron from your project’s inception can be a real benefit – you’ll gain knowledge and show the boss that you care about saving money and protecting assets.

All of our jobs begin with a relationship – and we aim to strengthen that relationship during the project and after it’s completed.  We want to be recognized as not only a company with the best products, but with the best answers and solutions in the water tank, treatment plant and many other industrial markets. Our ceramic epoxies can and do perform better than conventional epoxies and save money.

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