Village Creek peak-flow wastewater treatment facility

The Village Creek Peak-Flow Wastewater Treatment Facility in Birmingham, AL has a nominal treatment capacity of 60 MGD (peak 80 MGD) of final effluent-for discharge to Village Creek.

During peak flow occurrences-such as those experienced during Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina and Rita-the plant can handle up to 360 MGD with the assistance of biological filters. Even larger incoming flows can be accommodated with the use of 20 surge basins, with a total capacity of 90 million gallons. In fact, the plant has experienced incoming flows of up to 425 MGD.

Induron Coatings supplied the coatings on this project-including the epoxies, urethanes and acrylic products for the different substrates involved.

As a note of interest, the Three Million Gallon Hydropillar plant water storage tank located at Village Creek-which is used to store treated effluent for washdown of plant components, and is coated with Induron epoxies & urethanes-was honored as the Steel Plate Fabricators Association’s “Elevated Tank of the Year” for 2003.

Engineer: Gary L. Owen and Associates, Inc.
Owner: Jefferson County Commission, Environmental Services Department
General Contractor: Brasfield and Gorrie
Painting Contractor: Bob Lyemance Company
Year: 2003
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