Up a creek but WITH a canoe…

At one of the many luncheons that I have attended over the course of the last 2+ years that had a guest speaker discussing “The Economy,” I was struck by one particularly entertaining and insightful statement.  It was regarding “The Great Recession” and how exactly our nation would pull out of it.

He further stated that we had already bottomed out as an economy as a whole and that we were starting a long upward trend in the economical model. What he then said really stayed with me since it’s been noted by the water and wastewater industries 2 years after the fact.  It was that we would experience a “canoe-type recovery.” Being a fan of both the outdoors and Native American art, I was a bit disheartened by the very gentle upward slop of a canoe’s gunnels. The economist could have said “We’ve got a long, tough road ahead.”

Maybe his eloquent use of the “Canoe Recovery” was why he was making a speech on the Economy and I was eating chicken and rice!

Davies Hood, EVP, Induron

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