U.S. Failing? Not on My Watch

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive VP

“In need of more than just a shot of Botox or a facelift, our nation’s infrastructure requires an extreme makeover.” Just as soon as I stop laughing at that ridiculous statement, I’m gonna get scared.

The rapidly deteriorating state of our country’s infrastructure is front and center in the March issue of Free Enterprise, a publication by the United States Chamber of Commerce. This article discusses our infrastructure, from inland waterways to energy transmission to transportation. None seem to be a priority, especially when you consider the fact that “U.S. Infrastructure has plummeted from No. 1 to No. 15 in the World Economic Forum’s economic competitiveness ranking.”

As an avid sports fan and business owner, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m naturally competitive. I am, and I don’t like our country’s precipitous fall. Let’s turn it around!



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