Tips for Cold-Weather Coatings

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

With the cold weather months approaching, contractors, owners, engineers and others often believe that paint and coatings projects must wait until the weather warms up. False!

Low-temperature cure coatings allow for projects to continue during the winter months. For example, Induron’s cold-weather line of NSF Std. 61 products feature both RC-70 and AquaClean RC! Plus, we have an accelerator that speeds up the cure rate of our epoxies (E-60) AND our polyurethanes (U-50)!

Understanding how low temperatures affect coating application and change the drying, cure and performance of the coating can help one prepare for application when temperatures are below 50° F. Many coatings are made for application between 50° and 100° F. However, there are solutions, options and products specifically designed for cold weather applications to cure in the same manner as standard products. This allows one to get the job done in the same amount of time.

Here are two critical tips for cold-weather coatings applications:

  1. Keeping products conditioned in cold weather will help with installs. Store and condition products at 65° to 75° F prior to application. Whenever possible, warm the ambient air by turning up the thermostat in the application area or use radiant heaters to keep the temperature from dropping too low. Warming the surface or substrate with portable heaters, hot air blowers, and/or heat lamps will ensure that the material flows smoothly, creating a strong bond with the substrate.
  2. Applying the right products is crucial. Always look carefully at the coating product data sheet for information about whether the material can be applied in temperatures below 50° F. Consult with the coatings manufacturer technical representative to be sure.

Ultimately, don’t let cold weather slow you down! Projects can move forward, but it will require some special effort. Contact an Induron representative today, and we will help you with your cold-weather coatings projects!

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