There’s No Second Chance

By: Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

InduronI think all of us like to root for the underdog whether it’s in the boxing ring or on the basketball court. It’s that time of year called March Madness when 68 college basketball teams representing NCAA Division I schools play for the national championship. This tournament began in 1939. The 68 teams are composed of champions from 32 Division I conferences and 36 teams that are selected by an official NCAA selection committee. These teams represent the best of the best and on any given day an underdog can defeat the higher ranked team. There’s no second chance! One loss and your season is finished.

The colleges playing in this prestigious tournament have an enrollment ranging from a few thousand students to tens of thousands, but only five of their athletes can take the court at one time. Think of the pressure placed on these young men who have devoted their lives to becoming the best they can be. Think of their dedication to endure thousands of hours of practice to get them to this level of expertise. Think about their inner drive to become the champions in their sport. Think about the people who contributed to their development. His parents drove him to hundreds, maybe thousands, of practices and games where they rooted for him and his team. He had coaches, doctors, trainers and teammates who all made him the best he can be. Ultimately, when he’s in the “Big Dance,” he and his teammates have to be at their best because there’s no second chance.

Induron Protective Coatings is such a team. We are proudly third-generation family-owned since 1947. Our products have two primary purposes. They provide corrosion protection for steel, concrete, non-ferrous metals and many valuable assets. They also provide aesthetic qualities that preserve the color and beauty of a structure, such as an elevated water tank. We have a dedicated team of research and development experts who often spend two or three years developing and refining a product. This involves skill, perseverance and thousands of hours testing. Only when this process is successfully completed is the product ready for its intended purpose. Induron is certainly not the biggest, but embedded in our culture is the belief that there’s no second chance to give you the protective coating that will be the best of the best.


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