Painting the towers of the Midwest

Richard Belliveau, Induron Protective Coatings

One of our clients owns and operates the high voltage electric transmission system in portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. Their widespread system provides a pathway for power into a multitude of communities throughout the States.

With well over 9,500 miles of transmission lines and over 500 electrical substations, maintenance painting stands as a crucial factor in keeping this electrical grid safe, efficient and strong.

Rogers Paint Company of Adams, Wisconsin, has served as that company’s primary painting contractor for their transmission system maintenance painting. This year, they, along with Mike Rogers (pictured left) of Rogers Paint Company chose Induron Protective Coatings for their massive 2011 repaint project.

Phase one of the project, now underway, is to remove the existing coating from greater than 100-foot-high transmission poles. Then Rogers Paint will apply Induron’s three-coat Aquanaut water-based paint system.

This system is a spot prime with Induron’s P-30 Universal Primer and two topcoats of Induron’s Aquanaut II Acrylic. All of Induron’s T&D products and innovative coatings have been specifically developed for corrosion protection in the T&D asset protection.

The company and Mike’s painters were very impressed with the ease of application and final appearance of the Aquanaut paint system.

Phase two of the project will begin in mid-July. Mike and his crews will start cleaning and repainting lattice towers in the Milwaukee area. Keep a lookout for the sleek, shiny new towers throughout the Midwest and thank this company and all the Rogers Paint guys for facing that sticky, heavy summer heat to keep our grid running safely and our AC’s on.

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