The Perfect Product: Penetrating Primer/Sealer Epoxy

By Tex Enoch 

If there is such a thing as a “perfect” product this is it.

If an exterior structure is to be over-coated, it first must be stabilized.  The integrity of the existing coating system must be verified so that its ability to accept an overcoat system is confirmed.

Once the decision is made that the existing system can be over-coated, the structure is power washed to remove all loose paint, dirt, mold, chalk and any other contaminants.  Rusted and abraded areas are then cleaned to bare steel manually or with the use of power tools.

The next step is figuring out how to best stabilize the existing system. This is where a 100% solids, penetrating primer/sealer epoxy (much like our E-Bond 100) comes into play.

This generic type of product is designed to have a very low viscosity and very low surface tension. When applied over an existing coating system, it will soak into that system and penetrate into any edges that have been taken down to bare steel. It will anchor those edges back down to the substrate, preventing any top coats from “lifting” those edges.

Because it is a liquid that is 100% solids, it will not shrink (which causes undue stress to the existing coating system) when cured and will allow any type of coating to be applied over it, from water borne acrylics to epoxies, urethanes or flourourethanes; all of which contain very strong solvents.

Finally, because it is applied at a dry film thickness of only 1 – 2 mils, it helps minimize the total film thickness that is being added to the original coating system.

This product provides a platform on which an exterior structure can be confidently repainted.

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