The Induron Blog: A Look Beneath the Surface

By: Davies Hood, Induron CEO

blogWith the Induron blog, we strive to provide readers with unique insight into our company—a “Look Beneath the Surface,” if you will. Our blog content ranges from project profiles, industry insights and product highlights to softer pieces, such as employee spotlights, motivational advice and personal stories. Recently, the Induron blog has caught‘s and The Huffington Post‘s attention. published an article titled “Content Connects: How Top Brands Are Using Blogs to Grow Their Customer Base.” I am flattered that it specifically notes how our blog effectively provides its audience with creative and valuable content.

The article emphasizes blogs as effective marketing tools, and I couldn’t agree more. Yes, blogs are used to increase customer engagement, outreach and conversions, but I think our blog is much more than that. I believe the Induron blog humanizes our brand and enables us to communicate with readers in a special way.

On the blog, customers can easily explore pieces about Induron team members, projects and products. Also, because several Induron team members contribute to the blog, it provides readers with information from various perspectives, which I believe adds credibility and an authentic voice to the content. The Huffington Post published a blog titled “10 Tips to Improve that Boring Business Blog,” which applauds how we utilize members of our sales team as guest bloggers.

Though the blog is created mostly for an external audience, it also works as an internal tool of communication. With sales representatives located across the country, the blog helps team members stay up-to-date on successful projects, recent happenings, new products and more.

Ultimately, the Induron blog empowers us to build credibility and communicate that we are more than just a paint company—we are a family that invests ourselves in your success, satisfaction and reputation.

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