The Importance of Goals, Part 2

By Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

Goal AheadLast week, fellow Induron Sales Representative, Linc York and our President, Davies Hood kicked off the Importance of Goals blog series with a post focusing on making SMART goals and celebrating successes. Check out his blog post here. Today, I’m going to illustrate how setting goals has fueled my career at Induron.

Since starting work at Induron, I’ve changed my goals strategically each year, but my focus remains on market penetration rather than sales. 

As a member of the Permaclean 100 development team, I immediately felt that the product would separate me from my competitors. I could go to the water tank market in the Northeast (where no one had heard of Induron) and offer a product for tank interiors that was, not only unique, but also superior to anything else in that market.  It just had to be used.

Initially, my goal was to get that first job.  And thanks to old friends who knew and trusted me, Kent Webster of Corrosion Control and Roswell McMullen of Aqua PA, I did.

The second year, my goal was to penetrate the Aqua PA tank infrastructure.  The third year my goal was to use the Aqua successes to break into other areas of the Northeast Water Tank market while penetrating the specifications for national tank inspection companies.  This goal was accomplished when T.I.C. and Dixon included Induron in their specs.

Now, I needed contractors and inspectors who had successfully used Permaclean 100 to spread the good news about the product.  These contractors and inspectors became my apostles, and now this product is the standard for zero VOC tank interior applications.

Goals should be carefully measured and realistic.  Short-term goals should be used to further the long-term strategic plan.  It also helps to have a small, innovative and responsive company that allows and encourages you to develop goals and strives to help you accomplish them.  I am grateful to have found one—especially this late in my career.


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