The Great Value of Vacation

Induron CEO, David Hood, on vacation

It’s getting to be the Dog Days of summer, and vacation seems to be on everyone’s mind. I know this is a crazy topic to address on a paint company blog, but it’s an issue we all face as business owners, managers and employees, regardless of profession.

I say, let vacation time be true vacation time. Take a little time to smell the roses, or better yet, take a little time to truly enjoy your family. Do something that you enjoy and really recharge your batteries. We all need it. It doesn’t matter if you are 30-something or 60-something, an engineer, contractor, or work in a manufacturing business…we all need a break. Especially in today’s stressful, tough economy.

Davies Hood and his family on vacation

I recently read a great article by Marc Corsini, a professional sales coach whom I respect, that addresses this issue and has several recommendations to help “unplug.” Of course,  “unplugging” is somewhat controversial, since we all currently have the technology to stay in contact with our work life via cell phone, laptop or iPad virtually 24/7. But is that a good idea?

Clearly I come down in the camp that thinks true R&R is a value-added endeavor, not only to personal and family life (no controversy there), but for professional careers as well.

Induron Plant Manager Mike Nelms in Upper Manitoba, Canada posing with his northern pike catch

Induron sales rep, Ben Rowland, and his wife Lindsey enjoying a concert while on vacation

Taking a long stroll on the beach listening to waves crash is a perfect way to unwind and recharge. I also enjoy a day offshore on the deck of a fishing boat feeling the sun beat down as I anticipate catching the “Big One”.  Sometimes just relaxing by the pool listening to the kids giggle and splash or even having a hotdog and a few beers at the ballpark with friends actually helps clear my mind. It makes me better at my job. (That’s me pictured at the top with friends visiting Fenway Park — the “Green Monsta” — in Boston).

That clear mind is what we all need from a vacation and allows us to better focus on what is truly important in our business and our life. I expect the same is true for you too, and I encourage you to do it! At Induron, we encourage our staff to unplug when on vacation, so we can better perform our jobs when we’re “back on the ranch.”

I’ll end this like any good note about vacation should end… ALOHA!


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