The Good Old Days, Part Two

By George Shannon, Induron Sales Representative

I have three sons chasing their dreams in three distinctly different careers. When they were younger, we discussed how they should never give up, never quit and always be ready to adapt to any changes that came their way.

Life is a series of stages.  You start each stage as a beginner and end each as an achiever. For example, as a freshman in high school, you’re a beginner, but as a senior you’re an achiever. The same sequence occurs in the business world. Nobody starts their career as a CEO. Your career develops through a series of learning experiences. 

For instance, losing a sale provides you with a learning experience. The fact that you gain a customer and somebody loses one is the process of growth and change. Sure, you will gain and lose your share of sales, but turnover is what creates opportunity. It works both ways. Never give up. The next opportunity may be better than the last.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I started a manufacturer’s rep business with no sales, but I sold it 22 years later with more than $6 million in annual sales. As Vice President, I introduced an asset management company for the water industry in the northern section of the United States. In six years, our division grew from one salesman with just $1.2 million in sales to 16 salesmen with nearly $40 million in sales.

Now, I am retired from my career, and I am consulting for Induron in the northeast. After 6 months, I have that same old feeling. Good products, good people, dedication, and commitment to always doing the right thing. Yes, Induron is in the early growth stage in the northeast, but I am convinced that with its technology it will reach the top of the water and wastewater market. With good people and a solid customer service-based strategy, it won’t be long before the northeast coating market takes note.

When enlisting potential clients to do business with you, it’s imperative that you fully believe in your team. My advice is to keep moving from one opportunity to the next. You’ll win some and lose some, but never give in to the negative drain that can happen. Keep the same pace, be yourself and let the customer know you trust in your team. Build relationships through experiencing opportunities together, just like we did in the good old days.

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