Take me to your Leader (in corrosion control)

By Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Rep

Marvin the Martian

Did you ever notice that when the future is portrayed in movies (especially in dystopian sci-fi movies), nothing gets properly maintained? There are no corrosion consultants specifying abrasive blasting, containments, chloride removal, 3-coat coating systems, spray application, etc?

Perhaps in the future there will be limited budgets for all the elements of a successful coatings job that people have come to believe are necessary. However, those elements are not always needed for a great coatings project.

So what would I recommend to a post-Armageddon society to keep rust at bay while keeping inter-galactic costs low? Induron’s Induraguard 9200 and E-Bond!

Together, these products don’t require extensive surface preparation, chloride removal or containment, which removes much of the cost of coatings work and provides great results and long-term corrosion protection. In fact, using Induraguard 9200 and E-Bond even removes the expense of application, scaffolding and other unnecessary costs.

Depending on the degree of corrosion and the environment (and when the aliens take over, you can bet they’ll bring their planet’s harsh atmosphere with them), Induron can specify a one- or two-coat solution to your rust problems for a fraction of what it would have cost you in the past with other coating requirements. The unique application can protect exterior carbon steel and weathered galvanized structures, whether they are towers, chain-link fences, bridges, buildings or the crashed space ship that’s taken over what was once the local park. The cost of labor will be drastically less, and the protection will be equal!


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