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Willie’s Gone Fishing

By David Hood, Induron President

Willie Brown retired from Induron Coatings at the end of 2013. He was number two on our “seniority list” behind only yours truly. He was 20 years old when he started work here in 1972. He was a second generation employee, as are several of us (four to be exact). His dad, John, worked here until his untimely death in about 1975. Continue reading Willie’s Gone Fishing

Meet Part of The Induron Family: Willie Brown

The greatest asset a company can have is dedicated employees. And it’s the time of year when we’re especially thankful for our long-term employees who go above and beyond every day. We’d like to introduce you an employee who has been here nearly four decades – Willie Brown.

“I’ve worked all over the Induron plant,” Willie said. “Now, I drive the delivery truck and work in the warehouse.” He’s been working at Induron for 38 years, and loves his job. Continue reading Meet Part of The Induron Family: Willie Brown