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How we’ve gotten more business using LinkedIn – and how you can too

By Davies Hood, Induron President

Any professional who’s been around social networks these days has heard about the power of LinkedIn when it comes to job hunting and recruiting for positions. But have you thought about what it could do for your company’s sales process?

Here at Induron, we’ve been surprised – and quite pleasantly so! – by the power of this social network tool to help our sales staff be more successful. One of the most memorable examples comes from Tex Enoch, one of our sales representatives, and his LinkedIn profile. An engineer with two water tanks in need of rehabilitation needed to know certain specifications of the paint used on his tank. A search on LinkedIn for “coatings” led this engineer to Tex’s profile. They connected through LinkedIn, and Tex provided the information this engineer needed. And he did such a great job that the engineer asked Tex to speak to his municipal authority on the tank rehabilitation, and also spec the products going forward. If Tex hadn’t had a great LinkedIn profile, who knows if this project ever would have come our way? Continue reading How we’ve gotten more business using LinkedIn – and how you can too

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