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Induron Launches New Premium Product

Induron is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, Indurethane Monarch HS. This extremely high-gloss urethane technology combines durability and color retention in a high-gloss and high distinction of image finish that is unrivaled in the market. Indurethane Monarch HS is formulated to help increase productivity with easy-to-apply applications and fast dry speed. Continue reading Induron Launches New Premium Product

Story of this Photo: Indurethane 6600 AG

By: Davies Hood, Induron CEO

Indurethane AG 2Not only does this photo feature wet, red paint unsuccessfully attempting to coalesce into a film, but it also illustrates the effectiveness of Induron’s Indurethane 6600 AG graffiti resistant surface!

In this close-up photo, a fresh coat of red paint was applied to a teal-colored test panel of Indurethane AG (Anti-Graffiti). As you can see, the red paint cannot form a film or any chemical bond to the teal surface. If this red paint can’t stick, how could spray-paint, lipstick or magic marker? This lack of adherence is because Indurethane AG provides an ultra-low surface tension, which prevents almost anything from effectively sticking to it!  Continue reading Story of this Photo: Indurethane 6600 AG

Fighting Graffiti with Indurethane

2015 AG Photo 3 (3)Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Rep

In 2014, I was contacted by an electric utility company in St. Louis, Missouri. They were having problems with their transmission poles being “tagged” (vandalized with graffiti) by local youth.

The project engineer asked if we had a product that would be easy to clean once “tagged.” We have the perfect product, Induron’s Indurethane AG (Anti-Graffiti), a two component high gloss, clear acrylic polyurethane coating enhanced with excellent anti-graffiti properties. Indurethane allows for easy removal of graffiti and extends the color and gloss retention of base coats. Continue reading Fighting Graffiti with Indurethane