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Story of this Photo: Indurethane 6600 AG

By: Davies Hood, Induron CEO

Indurethane AG 2Not only does this photo feature wet, red paint unsuccessfully attempting to coalesce into a film, but it also illustrates the effectiveness of Induron’s Indurethane 6600 AG graffiti resistant surface!

In this close-up photo, a fresh coat of red paint was applied to a teal-colored test panel of Indurethane AG (Anti-Graffiti). As you can see, the red paint cannot form a film or any chemical bond to the teal surface. If this red paint can’t stick, how could spray-paint, lipstick or magic marker? This lack of adherence is because Indurethane AG provides an ultra-low surface tension, which prevents almost anything from effectively sticking to it!  Continue reading Story of this Photo: Indurethane 6600 AG

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I’m NOT Lovin’ It

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

McDonalds GraffitiCan you believe that vandals would dare to deface a mural of Ronald McDonald, The Hamburglar and friends? Well in Huntingdon Beach, Calif., it happened. A graffiti “artist” (aka, vandal), who apparently doesn’t like Big Macs or Chicken McNuggets, decided to spray over the iconic Golden Arches Mural with the word “VEGAN.”

My thoughts? Even if you don’t like the burgers, you could still eat the fries and salads. Personally, I love a good Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

If only those folks in Huntingdon Beach had protected the mural with Induron’s Indurethane AG (that’s anti-graffiti), the cleanup would have been as easy as wiping the paint off with a wet cloth. Read more on this story at Durability + Design here.

If you have special icons in your community that you want to protect from vandals with a spray can, check out Indurethane AG or talk to an Induron sales rep today. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of elbow grease when it comes to removing spray paint!

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