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Our Neon Deon Sanders Product: Indurabrite Aluminum

By Carl Moye, Induron Sales and Service

Induron’s Indurabrite Aluminum reminds me of “Neon” Deon Sanders from when he was a sports star for the Atlanta Falcons and the Braves. How could you forget the NFL’s “fastest and most noticeable” player of his era? Deon Sanders was a lock-down corner and punt-returner extraordinaire who beat his competition with speed. He then told them about it with his brash, loud antics.

Induron’s Indurabrite is similar in the fact that it is the “fastest” dry-fall coating that I have ever witnessed. It also has plenty of “BLING” like Deon Sanders since it shines so bright you need sunglasses to even look at a painted surface on a sunny day. Remember all of that gold jewelry… Continue reading Our Neon Deon Sanders Product: Indurabrite Aluminum

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