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Consolidation in the Coatings Industry: Where Does This Leave Induron? (Part 2)

By: David Hood, Induron CEO

Consolidation in the Coatings Industry

I am an outdoorsman. I fish, hunt, hike and love the land. When the Cuyahoga river caught fire in Cleveland and the air in Birmingham was yellow, something had to be done. The EPA was established and Congress, abdicating its responsibilities, gave it the authority to make law. The new laws were called regulations. Without comment on the value of these regulations, when a company is required to reformulate a product with sales in the thousands of gallons, it costs more that the same effort spread over tens of thousands of gallons. Larger companies clearly had an advantage with these regulations. The first 90% of “clean up” of the water and air was relatively easy to do. The EPA is still writing regulations trying to eliminate the next 10% of “pollution” without any regard for a cost/benefit analysis. A further advantage to larger companies. Continue reading Consolidation in the Coatings Industry: Where Does This Leave Induron? (Part 2)

There’s No Second Chance

By: Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

InduronI think all of us like to root for the underdog whether it’s in the boxing ring or on the basketball court. It’s that time of year called March Madness when 68 college basketball teams representing NCAA Division I schools play for the national championship. This tournament began in 1939. The 68 teams are composed of champions from 32 Division I conferences and 36 teams that are selected by an official NCAA selection committee. These teams represent the best of the best and on any given day an underdog can defeat the higher ranked team. There’s no second chance! One loss and your season is finished. Continue reading There’s No Second Chance

Have you seen Induron in Forbes Lately?

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Stand out from competitionIn case you haven’t heard, my dad (AKA Induron CEO David Hood’s) story about the REAL Santa Claus in Birmingham’s history is getting around. In fact, Forbes contributor Larry Myler, recently mentioned this particular Induron blog in his article, 7 Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors. Continue reading Have you seen Induron in Forbes Lately?

The Importance of International Trade to the U.S. Economy

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

As the president of a manufacturing company and a member of the National District Export Council, I realize just how important international trade is to the U.S. economy, and I’m proud that Induron can play a part in improving the U.S. economy with its business.  Continue reading The Importance of International Trade to the U.S. Economy

Reflecting on 2016

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Reflecting on 2016For many of us, the New Year provides a natural time to review what is working in our lives and what is not working. It gives businesses like Induron the same opportunity to reflect. Too many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of establishing goals and New Year’s resolutions that we forget to reflect on the good things going on. Continue reading Reflecting on 2016

Happy Holidays from Induron!

From our Induron family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! As we take time to celebrate and count our blessings this holiday season, we realize that we have many, many things to be thankful for. We could not have had such a successful year without our dedicated employees, loyal clients, excellent suppliers and vendors, and supportive family and friends! We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for Induron! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


How We Can All Learn from Nick Saban’s Philosophy

By: Jeff White, Induron Sales Representative

excellenceBy now most college football fans have seen—or at least heard about—Nick Saban’s ***chewing of Lane Kiffin in the Alabama vs Western Kentucky game. Continue reading How We Can All Learn from Nick Saban’s Philosophy

How Nick Saban’s Comments on Complacency Apply to Induron

By: Davies Hood, Induron CEO

Values Recently, Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban told USA Today that complacency is his biggest rival. He said: “The human condition is to survive. It’s not to win the championship. It’s not to be the best you can be. It’s to survive…So when you tell me I’ve got to sell this many cars this month and that’s my quota — well, when I sell that many cars I’m ready for a couple of days off and go sit in my chair and, you know, eat Tostitos and cheese. I’m not trying to set the world record. That’s the human condition. So it’s actually special to be the other way, to be somebody that wants to win a championship, to be somebody that wants to be the best they can be.” Continue reading How Nick Saban’s Comments on Complacency Apply to Induron

How Induron is like the National Champions in College Basketball

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

Recently, the Villanova Wildcats defeated the University of North Carolina Tarheels to win the NCAA National Championship as an undersized, scrappy, disciplined and determined unit.

Growing up in Philadelphia, I played my share of basketball.  I also grew up watching the Big Five play and loved every minute of it.  LaSalle, St. Joe’s, Temple, Penn and Villanova all had their shot playing the big guys from across the country.  These games were especially fun to watch. Though I opted to go to college in D.C., I continued to keep track of the national successes of these teams.  Continue reading How Induron is like the National Champions in College Basketball

The Good Old Days, Part Two

By George Shannon, Induron Sales Representative

I have three sons chasing their dreams in three distinctly different careers. When they were younger, we discussed how they should never give up, never quit and always be ready to adapt to any changes that came their way.

Life is a series of stages.  You start each stage as a beginner and end each as an achiever. For example, as a freshman in high school, you’re a beginner, but as a senior you’re an achiever. The same sequence occurs in the business world. Nobody starts their career as a CEO. Your career develops through a series of learning experiences.  Continue reading The Good Old Days, Part Two