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The Epoxies You Need for Concrete Floors

By: Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

PTSL - forlift picSelf-leveling epoxies have been used to protect and beautify concrete floors for many years. Typically, these epoxies are 100% volume solids featuring high-gloss and very low odor. In the last decade, many advances in the formula have been made and Induron’s Perma-Tuff SL embodies those advances.

Induron Perma-Tuff SL can be used as a primer and finish coat. It is readily available in nearly any color—from white to safety colors. The epoxy also contains a special “low-yellowing” curing agent that mitigates the typical yellowing associated with this class of epoxy coatings. Perma-Tuff SL has a user-friendly, 2:1 mixing ratio by volume, a 30-minute pot life and can be walked on after curing overnight. Continue reading The Epoxies You Need for Concrete Floors

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