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Induron Welcomes Trevor Nicholas to the Team

Trevor NicholasWe’re excited to welcome Trevor Nicholas to the Induron team as a Senior Chemist! Trevor has extensive experience in the coatings industry and is excited to dive into product optimizations and development. He is not only passionate about trying new things, but also making paint better, safer, stronger, longer-lasting, and most importantly, less expensive.

To learn more about Trevor, check out this Q&A:  Continue reading Induron Welcomes Trevor Nicholas to the Team

Meet the Induron Family: Stan Shook

Stan ShookAt Induron, we’re always thankful for our employees, but especially so around the holidays! Meet Stan Shook, Induron Chemist.

Stan creates paint formulas for Induron, and ensures they meet or exceed requirements for strength, durability and cost.

Stan began working at Induron in May of 1974. “I was trying to figure out what do to with my life,” he said. “I was driving a city delivery truck, and then one day saw an ad in the paper for a lab helper at Induron. I sent in my resume and, lo and behold, they called me.”

Stan started out as the “lab gopher,” doing typical things a new guy might do – getting raw materials, running errands and even a little cleaning. “I was definitely the low man on the Totem pole,” he said.

Eventually, however, others in the lab saw that Stan had a talent for matching colors. “They started letting me make color blends with dry pigments,” he said. “I matched colors really well, so I was promoted to Lab Technician. I started testing paints, and was catching on with how to formulate paints. Then in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s, I was promoted again to Formulating Chemist.”

In those days, Induron manufactured house paints for interiors and exteriors. Stan had a knack for those paints, and developed several lines of latex paints. He was also responsible for most of the gloss enamels and primers that Induron sold.

“Now, I mostly do industrial epoxies,” he said. “But when we get requests for some of the conventional paints from a long time ago, I still work on those projects today.” Continue reading Meet the Induron Family: Stan Shook