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Why Industry Involvement Makes Induron Better

By David Hood

I was four years old when my dad William Hood and Louis Prosch started The Industrial Paint Company, Inc. – now Induron Coatings, LLC – in 1947.  That was a long time ago!

Some of my earliest memories of “the business” (not “the factory” – that fascinated me from the first day I saw it) are dinners at home with paint industry people from faraway places like Atlanta, Louisville, Madison and Washington, DC. I thought they were amazing, the most worldly people I ever saw. My mom and dad seemed to enjoy the relationships and the conversations went on long after my bedtime. Many years later, I discovered what had been going on. Continue reading Why Industry Involvement Makes Induron Better

Happy Birthday ACA!

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President

Induron would like to wish the American Coatings Association (ACA) a Happy 125th birthday! The ACA is a valuable organization to all of us in the paint manufacturing business (and, to be truthful, a whole mess of other businesses that use paint). It’s an organization that Induron Coatings has supported for a long time. Continue reading Happy Birthday ACA!