Success Story: Repainting the Tallest Towers in Peru

Located on the outskirts of Lima in the Andean mountain range, the tallest towers in all of Peru are 176 meters tall and were beginning to show signs of corrosion. Plus, exposure to extreme UV caused color loss meaning the towers required fresh coatings to comply with Peruvian air signaling regulations. 

The Problem

To specify an effective coatings solution, several factors had to be taken into consideration, including product quality, resistance to sunlight (UV resistance), method of application, ease of maintenance, and the impact of the coatings on painters themselves.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Induron specified Armorlux Primer as a primary layer to protect the aged galvanized steel from corrosion and Indurasil Silicone Alkyd as the top coat in alternating colors of Signal Orange and White. These colors are resistant to degradation by the effects of sunlight and environmental pollution. Plus, the glossy finish prevents contaminants from easily adhering to the surface of the structure. 

Because of the proximity of these tall towers to the Pacific Ocean, removal of large deposits of soluble salts and chlorides were required prior to the application of the primer and before the application of the finish coat. 

Nemetsa was the pre-approved contractor chosen for this high-profile job. They provided a qualified team of 25 to prepare and properly paint this giant structure. In the end, Induron products proved to be successful, the team managed to overcome the issue of environmental care, and the client was satisfied with the work and daily coordination. 

Induron Provides Extreme Asset Protection

Induron offers a value-based coatings solution that provides extreme asset protection and the maximum return on investment. Induron products, such as Armorlux Primer, and Indurasil Silicone Alykd, are environmentally friendly, provide proven-protection, and streamline the application process.  And most importantly, Induron products minimize surface preparation and provide a one-coat solution that extends the life of the tower by 25 years. Contact us for a coatings solution!

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