Starting Anew

By Davies Hood, Induron President

I always look forward to the New Year holiday. It’s the one time of year that we all get the opportunity to hit the “reset” button on our lives.

This holiday immediately follows Christmas, which is a great time of giving, family and joy. The Christmas season provides us a reminder of what is really important in life. I realize that this is different for each of us.

Right after Christmas, we get the immediate opportunity to prioritize all of this important stuff. Some do it with New Year’s resolutions. Frankly, I don’t do resolutions. I prefer setting SMART goals.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. All of these aspects are important, because I have found that “what gets measured gets achieved.” This is true from a management perspective, but also from personal experience. If I hold myself accountable, I am truly able to achieve more. If I set my goals based on what is really important to me — family, business growth and self-improvement — then I force myself to work for the right goals.

When I share my goals with others (my wife, the Induron management team and a peer group of entrepreneurs), I have found that I strive even harder to achieve my goals.

I encourage everyone to set some new goals for 2014 AND share them with others. There’s no telling how much we can all accomplish!

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