Setting Value

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

Tom WunderlinThe number of customers Induron retains is a strong indicator of value delivery. Understanding the value our products and services bring to business partners and customers is paramount to ongoing growth and success. A product’s value to its users is not always an apples-to-apples comparison. We watch and participate with clients using our products to see how well they accomplish their tasks.

So, what makes Induron unique and different?

  • We are accessible.
  • We listen to understand.
  • We respond with clarity.
  • We reduce risk.
  • We are nimble.
  • We are proactive.
  • We honor commitments.
  • We solve problems.
  • We are industry experts.

Determining value is not simple. It includes the right mix of product, service, support and time saved, which will be appropriately valued and appeal to the company or individual.

In the end, one can likely influence what a customer is willing to pay by a few dollars one way or the other, but the client may decide the value before the process even begins. Value really comes into play when your customers use the time you free up for them on other high-return activities.

Induron customers stay loyal to our products because they impact their projects in a meaningful way. The value Induron products and services deliver to clients are consistency, utility, availability and innovation. Plus, Induron understands this must change and adapt over time as the market evolves. We challenge our assumptions, discard bad ideas, uncover innovative features and fine-tune to add value.

Consequently, clients continue to not only use Induron products, but use them frequently. This speaks volumes about the value Induron delivers. However, value is not a constant, and Induron continually re-evaluates to increase value.

At Induron, we strive to navigate the waters of change and delivering value by:

Understanding what matters to customers and then knowing if we were able to achieve is a challenge. At Induron, we act on this each and every day to deliver more value to each and every customer.

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