Have You Seen Induron in the News Lately?

In case you haven’t heard, big things happened at Induron in 2017. We launched new products, celebrated our 70th anniversary and shared our coatings expertise. From local news to national publications, Induron is proud to have been featured in the news outlets mentioned below.

When Induron launched Indurethane Monarch HS, an extremely high-gloss urethane technology that combines durability and color retention in a high-gloss and high distinction of image finish, these publications helped us spread the word:

Likewise, the publications below shared the news of Induron’s second new product, Indurlux 9400. Indurlux 9400 is a world-class, high-gloss and tint-able Epoxy PolySiloxane Coating that can be applied over many different primers as an industrial finish and also as a heavy industrial finish.

On a different note, Induron’s 70th anniversary event was announced by both local and industry news outlets. Check them out below!

In other news:

We can’t wait to see where Induron’s news, events and happenings spread in 2018! Happy New Year!

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