Have you seen Induron in Forbes Lately?

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Stand out from competitionIn case you haven’t heard, my dad (AKA Induron CEO David Hood’s) story about the REAL Santa Claus in Birmingham’s history is getting around. In fact, Forbes contributor Larry Myler, recently mentioned this particular Induron blog in his article, 7 Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors.

I am flattered and extremely proud that Induron’s marketing efforts were recognized by such a notable magazine. Myler’s article emphasizes the importance of differentiating your business’s brand in order to stand out from competitors. He notes that this is especially important for small businesses since we are forced to compete against the big dogs, and I couldn’t agree more.

Here are the 7 strategies Myler stresses in his article:

  1. Provide Legendary Customer Service.
  2. Admit Mistakes and Fix Problems to Build Stronger Relationships.
  3. Be Honest About Your Products and Services.
  4. Come Up with Something New.
  5. Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.
  6. Start a Blog.
  7. Offer a Guarantee.

My dad’s Santa Claus story was specifically mentioned under the “Come Up with Something New” strategy. Myler wrote: “Continue to reinvent your company by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products and solutions. For example, make use of social media and mobile apps as a growing number of buyers prefer to find and work with you through their phones. There have been many examples of people coming up with unique ideas that have made a lasting impression, such as a real Santa Claus in Birmingham. All of these attention-grabbers help businesses stand out from the crowd; however, to be effective the underlying product or service must be at least up to par.”

At Induron, we’re certainly not afraid to try something new; however, we strive to employ all 7 of these strategies. For instance, since 1947, we’ve offered exemplary service and innovative products to our customers. Our team is honest about the products and services we offer, but not afraid to admit when we make mistakes, do whatever it takes to make it right, and ultimately, build stronger relationships with customers and contractors. We also actively embrace corporate responsibility. For example, this past year, Induron sponsored the MDA Toast to Strength Gala and donated paint to restore a school’s playground. Additionally, the Induron blog consistently provides readers with unique insight into our company that we like to call “a look beneath the surface.” And last but not least, Induron guarantees that you can count on us through thick and thin.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the full article here!

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One thought on “Have you seen Induron in Forbes Lately?

  1. Real nice read. Keep up the commitment to excellence and glad to know that a simple gesture can go a long way. I will implement those easy 7 principles to my business.

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