Protective Coatings in Canada, Eh? (Part Two)

By: Ron Bouthillier, Induron Sales Representative

As discussed in my previous blog, Canada faces many challenges in the protective coatings sector that directly affect many different companies. For example, Potash Corp is headquartered in the province of Saskatchewan. Potash mining is a serious venue in Saskatchewan and a lot of equipment is used in the extraction and processing of Potash. Corrosion along with erosion is prevalent in this industry, and the damage that can be done is extensive and expensive.  Likewise, in the community of Trail, British Columbia, Teck Cominco smelters lead and zinc. This is another very corrosive environment that can see a concrete floor destroyed in a short period of time due to the acids used in processes.

Though we have only begun identifying the challenges present in Canada, we can see that choosing a proper coating can mitigate extensive damage and protect expensive assets. A proper coating can not only save time and money, but it can also protect an asset for many years.

I am excited that Induron Protective Coatings has taken some of these challenges seriously. As our company motto states, ‘Look Beneath the Surface,’ Induron has created an epoxy primer that addresses some of the mentioned challenges and issues. For instance, the primer that is used prior to putting on a top coat, such as urethane, is paramount to a successful coating. FastPrime 2 is not only a chemical- and chip-resistant coating, but it also sprays on smooth. Unlike many primers that require sanding prior to top coating, Fast Prime 2 is ready to go once it is dry. Depending on temperature and humidity, it dries quickly, typically in about an hour.  When outside temperatures are negative 40 degrees and you’re paying to heat a shop…time is money.

This primer also has a a large recoat window. While many primers need to be recoated within 24-72 hours, time is not a concern with Fast Prime. There’s no need to worry if you prime on Friday and don’t paint until after the long weekend. This primer is still ready to go without sanding.  In fact, you can even wait until your 3-week vacation is over, and it will still be ready to go without sanding. While this is all great news, the anticorrosive inhibitors used in the epoxy primer will ultimately help prevent corrosion saving you time and money.

It is truly exciting to see a company that takes its products seriously. As a family-owned, third-generation company, Induron will be here tomorrow caring about our customers and providing solutions that work.

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