Project Spotlight: South Elevated Storage Tank

By: Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Representative

The South Elevated Storage tank is a one-million-gallon elevated water tank owned by the City of Port Huron in Michigan. After years of use, the water tank was beginning to show signs of deterioration and rusting. This tank refurbishment project needed products that could be applied successfully to its previously-painted alkyd aluminum coating. Fortunately, two Induron products were specified to get the job done.

Fedewa Painting of Lade Odessa, MI was the painting contractor on the project. The team used Induron’s P-30 Primer for spot priming and two coats of Induron’s Armorlux Blue Color Chrome as the finish coat.

Why P-30? The properties of Induron’s P-30 Primer, also known as our universal primer, made it ideal for acting as a tier coat over the old finish and allowing the application of a high-performance finish coat. The high solids, low VOC, one package phenolic alkyd primer is formulated free of toxic pigment and harsh solvents that ‘lift’ older coatings and provides excellent single component corrosion protection.

Why Armolux Blue Color Chrome? Armorlux Aluminum is a high gloss, true leafing aluminum alkyd finish with excellent hardness and durability. As a ready-mixed aluminum paint made with aluminum flake and a superior wetting vehicle, Armorlux Aluminum provides excellent one-coat coverage and dries to a uniform metallic appearance. It also offers excellent resistance to moisture, weather and industrial fumes.

The project was completed in approximately 5 weeks. Check out some photos from the project below!

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