Project Spotlight: 250K Elevated Water Storage Tank Reconditioning

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

After 25 years of service, Maryland Environmental Service’s 250K Elevated Hospital-Front Water Storage Tank located in Crownsville, Maryland was due for reconditioning.  Fortunately, the project posed no real or extraordinary challenges, according to the owner, consulting engineer, inspector and contractor.

Induron was proud to be selected as the manufacturer on the project and enjoyed working with Horizon Bros. Painting Corporation (contractor) and HRV Compliance Verification Associates, Inc. (inspector) to complete this project. To re-protect this asset, Induron specified the interior and exterior paint systems detailed below.


COAT QTY           APPLICATION                     DESCRIPTION

1                             Surface Prep                       SSPC-SP-10-89 White Metal Standard Profile 2.0 – 3.0 Mils

1                             Prime Coat                          Indurazinc DF67 @ 2.0 – 3.5 mil DFT

1                              Intermediate                    Permaclean 3 Epoxy @ 3.0 – 4.0 mil DFT

1                             Intermediate                     Permastic LV @ 2.0 – 4.0 mil DFT

1                             Finish Coat                          Indurlux 9400 Epoxy Siloxane @ 2.0 – 4.0 mil DFT

1                             Total Thickness                 Total System @ 9.0 – 15.5 mil DFT


COAT QTY           APPLICATION                     DESCRIPTION

1                             Surface Prep                       SSPC-SP-5-89 White Metal Standard Profile 2.0 – 3.0 Mils

1                             Prime Coat                          Indurazinc MC67 @ 2.0 – 3.0 mil DFT

1                             Stripe Coat                          Permaclean 100 Epoxy @ 3.0 – 6.0 mil DFT

1                             Pit Filling                              Aquatapoxy A6 Thick, As Necessary directly over Indurazinc  MC67

1                             Finish Coating                    Permaclean 100 Epoxy @ 20.0 – 30.0 mil DFT

1                             Total Coating                      Total System @ 22.0 – 39.0 mil DFT

The interior system finish is a solvent-free, single-finish, coat high-build system that reduces labor and offers maximum corrosion protection. The exterior system finish, Indurlux 9400 Epoxy Siloxane, provides a polyurethane-like finish with exceptional weatherability, chemical resistance, gloss and color retention and contains no isocyanate. Indurlux 9400 is also available in almost any color. Both systems were compliant with Maryland’s VOC regulations, which are some of the nation’s most stringent!

Polysiloxane also provides:

  • A premium finish
  • Superior and long-term color and gloss retention when compared to standard aliphatic polyurethane finishes
  • Extended service life to first maintenance (lowers the cost of ownership for valuable steel assets)
  • Enhanced visual aesthetics
  • Dual benefit of corrosion protection and aesthetics
  • Flexibility in application (Bush / Roll / Spray)
  • VOC Compliant (to most stringent regulations)
  • Isocyanate-free coating
  • Reasonable working times – 4 hours at 70F
  • Wide range of color options

Maryland Environmental Service commented that Indurlux 9400 provides a wonderful gloss, and they expect the color and gloss to provide years of aesthetic value! Check out the before and after photos below!

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